My Letter to God

These are my personal beliefs.  I think we all have our own path and our own personal belief system.  I respect everyone’s experience and choice.  I agree with Mark Nepo – I’m a student of all traditions – I look to learn from where they all meet.

For me,  there is one God.  Period.  I believe that being may be called by many different names.  Or none at all.

I believe I have a mind, a body and spirit/soul.  My soul is the essence of me.   It is the part of me that loves.   My soul is my spiritual experience and guides my life.  When I manage to be still.  When I listen.  My soul is my guide.  I believe it is God in me. I also call it “my gut”, intuition, a “knowing”.

I pray, mainly when I’m in a difficult place in my life.   I have a running conversation with God – in my head and heart.  Very rarely out loud.(Smile)

One of my favorite books, life changing, I might add, is Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch.  When I was reading it, I wondered if I wrote letters to God if he’d respond to me like he did in the book.  But I never tried.

Last week, On Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, I was listening to her interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.   When I heard Elizabeth say that when she was at her lowest, she wrote a letter to God and he responded to her. Not a booming God voice, not her voice, but it was an immediate response and it comforted her.

Well…I decided to write a letter to God and see if it would work for me.

Ok.  I did it and was given immediate responses.  I recognize that it was the same inner voice that guides me when I talk to God in my head/heart.  To see it in print (I saved the letter), to be able to go back and read it again…well, it’s pretty amazing.   One of the answers was something that I had not thought of.  It was news to me.  It was also really exciting advice.  I did it and it worked.

Whatever it is – it’s adding a new dimension to my life.  I’m grateful.  It’s fun too.

Just thought I’d pass it on…

Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday
Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray Love
Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations With God

6 comments on “My Letter to God

  1. Love says:

    Super Soul Sunday? ROCKS. MY. WORLD. And Elizabeth Gilbert? Blows me away. Her TED talk changed my life. You must go see it if you haven’t already!

  2. Life Student says:

    I wrote my letter. And it works! Thanks so much.

  3. vusi says:

    “wow” l’ve read CWG and l’m not thinking that l’m growing but l am growing in spiritual, l see things diffirently also l even spoke diffirent. but hey’ please help with “home with God” by neale D wilsch. Soo to ask, what is a Nature of a Darkness onto the Light and what is a Nature of a Light onto the Darkness?.

    • Sorry for the long delay! I just found your note. I haven’t read the book. I’ll respond after I read it. My thought is a favorite quote by someone – not sure who it was and this is only my paraphrasing – “darkness cannot take away the light – it simply defines it”. My personal feeling at this point is that light (or enlightenment) can eliminate, diminish the darkness. Even if I go into a dark place, the more I know (enlightenment), the quicker I get through my dark places and they aren’t as deep as before. And I always learn more about myself during my dark times and with that, they become less. Your thoughts?

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