Christmas with Mom

This post is written as an entry to a  Christmas With Mom Contest –  Join in the fun!  100 words or less by 12/5/11…

My sisters and I knew what we were getting for Christmas.  Every year.  We never had a Christmas tree – Dad’s decision.   But Mom loved Christmas!

Each year, Mom bought each of us one present and it was always clothes.  And she always hid it in the same place – for as log as I can remember.   And we always peeked.

We could hardly wait to open our gifts, our excitement not at all diminished.  But it was not because of finally knowing what we were getting – but that we could finally  wear it.

She never knew….

6 comments on “Christmas with Mom

  1. You and your sisters had it all figured out, and it made for a merry Christmas! Do you all continue the tradition, hiding one present each?

    Thanks for sending this. Your “Christmas With Mom” has been entered in the contest.

  2. backonmyown says:

    I love your sweet memories of your mom.

  3. Marylin’s contest has definitely unleashed a ton of beautiful memories. I enjoyed reading about you and your sister peeking…my sister and I did the same. We never let on that we knew what we were getting…and we thought our mom was none the wiser. However, when I got to be a mom, it dawned on me that perhaps she did…could we have rewrapped everything as perfectly as she had originally wrapped them?

    I’ll be following your blog…hope you will check out mine:

    • Yes, I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts! My sister and I were talking about that yesterday – how difficult it was to rewrap. Part of the fun…
      thanks for following – I look forward to reading your blogs. Merry Christmas!

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