Medicine Alert!

From Some Letters To My Children…

Hey Lovies,

Most of you are hale and hearty now – I’m grateful for that.  However,  there are regular maintenance checks required on those beautiful bodies.   You may run into health issues during your life and I hope this list helps you.   Some reminders, with love, from me to  you…

Nobody…NOBODY..knows your body like you do.
If you pay attention to what it’s telling you – it will let you know what it needs and doesn’t need.  

  • Get references about your doctor – a certain amount of information is available online.  Ask friends and especially those in the medical profession – nurses, paramedics, everyone you know – for the best doctor – and hospital.
  • When you meet, interview.  You’re hiring – he/she is not hiring you.  You get to choose.
  • Does this doctor really connect and listen to you?  Does he/she give you time without rushing you?  Does he take good notes on what you’re telling him so that he can remember your history next time he sees you?
  • You’re in control.  It’s your body.  Trust your gut.   Always.  If you don’t feel comfortable, get more information.  If you have a question – ask it.  Get answers.  It’s your body.  

Your health and your body are your responsibility so don’t mindlessly put yourself in his/her hands.
This is your life.  And Health.

  • It takes time – if ever – for your doctor to get to know you.   Basically, what you tell him is what he’ll know.
  • Be very honest – there is nothing to be embarrassed about.  He’s heard and seen it all.  This is your life.  And health.
  • Think about what you need help with, write down your questions before your visit.
  • Again, be sure you’ve gotten all of the answers you need to feel comfortable before you leave.

Before you put anything in – or on – your body, know everything about it.  IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!

  • With every prescription, or over-the-counter medication, look up information on the internet.
  • Know the contraindications and cautions.
  • Be sure to check for interactions with other drugs and foods and supplements.
  • Know common side-effects.
  • Talk to a pharmacist before you take a med – tell him anything else you’re taking – over the counter, vitamins, etc.

This may sound overwhelming but it’s simple.     There are apps available that take a few minutes to learn what you need to know.  I have Medscape for interactions and drug info.

  • Drugs are powerful.
  • They ALL have side-effects.
  • Doctors and pharmacists make mistakes.  You’re responsible to be sure that you’re taking what was prescribed – and how it was prescribed.

Doctors have protocols and don’t know everything about your body – that is impossible.    If you see a reason that you prefer not to take a med, ask the doctor if there is an alternative and tell him why.

  • If it doesn’t make sense, question it.
  • Don’t be intimidated by a doctor.  He’s working for you.   You’re in control.


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