I’m A Winner! And I’m Passing It On….

What a fun and unexpected surprise… I’m honored! I was passed this award, my first,  from Mother at alettertomychildren.wordpress.com.   Thank You!

Rules say that I need to list 7 things about myself so…

1.  I recently discovered blogging and am enjoying it almost daily – both reading and writing.    My blog was started as a journal but blogging has become so much more than that to me.  So many amazing gifts from so many of you…Thanks!

2.  Quotes – the thoughts and succinct expression of profundity intrigues me.

3.  Always want to know “the rest of the story”…how, why?…about the people in and behind the story

4.  A “Wannabe” decorator.. that’s me.  Enjoy making everything look it’s best – and be it’s best…especially houses, with whatever is available rather than acquiring new.

5.  Music is like air, food and water to me…

6.  Believe in Kiva – check it out!

7.  I’ve flown a small plane but have always wanted to solo.   That will probably happen in my dreams at this point but who know?

I have so many favorite blogs and find more everyday.  If  LoveNotesToSelf and YearStruck had not been named when I received my award, I would certainly pass this to them as well as those listed below.  Check them out.

I do want to pass this award on to

Backonmyown  Talk about attitude and handling challenges with courage…

Positive Parental Participation Building self esteem in children through projects, reading, and she’s even writing a book!

Mirth and Motivation:  Creative, spiritual, motivational!  And music too…

MarcieScudder  Beautiful, emotional photography and thoughts.

JonWaters  Working from personal experience to improve health

OneInCreation Beautiful poetry, artwork and photography.

Thanks again, Mother.  Blog on….

Official Rules of the Award

  1. Thank the award-giver(s) and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell your readers seven (7) things about yourself.
  3.  Give this award to up to fifteen (15) recently discovered bloggers.
  4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news.

5 comments on “I’m A Winner! And I’m Passing It On….

  1. mj monaghan says:

    Congrat on the award, Sharon!

  2. Congratulations, Sharon! You deserve it!
    And thank you so much for passing it on to me…I will again try to think of 7 more things about me that might interest someone else. 🙂 And I will also pass the award along to some others.
    Isn’t blogging an amazing spider web where we interconnect with so many wonderful people?

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  5. AngelaMarie says:

    Oh what a wonderful list of blogs! I am feel honored to have been included in this tribute! Thank you soo much. I have been away from this beautiful blogging community for a few weeks, and this is such a lovely way to come back. Your note on my blog made my heart smile. I am also a musician and I think Kiva is awesome. You’re a pilot?! Awesome!! Hope your solo flight dream comes true! Many blessings on you!

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