Welcome to your Family, Silas Nathaniel!

Gramps and Silas Nathaniel 8/29/15

Gramps and Silas Nathaniel

You are my first great-grandson! I’m so very thankful that I have lived to see your arrival, that I can hold you and shower you with love and blessings.

You are surrounded with love and prayer, Little Soul!  What a joyous day… you have already made our lives even more wonderful with your presence.

We’ve waited, excited and so looking forward to meeting you.  I got a text from your Gramps at 5:26 this morning telling me you were almost here.   I could hear the excitement in his words.  Your Daddy called him earlier and he jumped in the car to be at the hospital for your arrival.  And then another text shortly after your birth.  This was his message…

“Silas Nathaniel was born at 6:08 am today. Weighed in at 8 lbs 3 oz, stretching out at 19” long.  Healthy, all the fingers and toes.”

 And he held you and blessed you.

Your Mommy and Daddy have eagerly waited for you.  They lovingly prepared your bedroom,  stocked and full of everything to make your world as comfortable as possible.

You have a large family who is here for you.  You will have a lot of love, guidance and support as you grow and learn your way in this world.   You have our hearts, Sweet Baby.

You represent a little person who is completely original and unique, there has never been, and never will be anyone exactly like you.  You have a purpose in life that comes with you into this world that you will find fulfilling while giving what only you can give, in the way only you can contribute to the world.  Follow your passions, listen and follow your heart.  When you are older, do something kind for someone else every day.

You are loved deeply!


Since you have a Native American heritage, I found these for you…xoxo

“Prayer for a Newborn

May your eyes see the beauty of Mother Earth
May your ears hear the music of life and the sounds of laughter.
May your mouth always speak truth, presented with a kind heart.
May your heart always be full of joy
May your hands one day grasp the hands of your own grandchildren.
May your arms always welcome friends and family.
May your feet always walk a straight path.
And if your feet should ever stray from your path,
may Creator always lead you home.

© Carolyne Gould–All Rights Reserved”






One comment on “Welcome to your Family, Silas Nathaniel!

  1. What a blessing to you and to the entire family. I am thrilled for all of you and for all of us. xxoo

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