Chopra 21-Day Meditation Experience

It was requested by that I remove my transcript notes of the meditations from my site which I have done.   Sorry for any inconvenience.  They’re wonderful meditations and hopefully you will purchase the series from them at  Namaste

60 comments on “Chopra 21-Day Meditation Experience

  1. Elle Beach says:

    What a pity. Your notes were wonderfully useful! Maybe they should just hire you to do it 🙂

    Murielle Sent from my iPhone


    • I didn’t realize it would be a problem for them but I do understand. It was a wonderful feeling helping so many people read and understand what was said for as long as I did. I’m grateful to have helped in that way but don’t want to infringe in any way. Thanks for your note!

      • Christine says:

        I really appreciate your sharing the transcripts. I was so happy when I found them. Is it possible for you to email the transcript of Shedding the Weight to me? Thanks so much. Blessings to you.

        • I would love to share them with you, Christine, but want to honor the request by Deepak Chopra’s staff. If you can get approval from them, I’m happy to send them. At best, it will let them know your vote for transcripts being available through their site. Reading them helps a lot of us. Namaste

        • I always relied on them as well. Thanks so much for all of your hard work. I’d love a copy too!

      • Pete says:

        Thank you for your efforts. Don’t put yourself in a legally bad situation- I’m sure you dont need them suing you. Its just so sad to me when people who have so many millions only use freebies as enticement for more purchases, instead of just giving it away. I make very little and still give service away if it helps others. Not a big deal. I’m sure there is a way to have ‘enough’ and be very giving without any greed.

        • I’m honoring their request, of course. I’ll continue to post discussion points on the meditations, how I hear pronunciations and anything else that is a little more generalized than the exact transcripts. It feels really great to give to others and good for you, Pete!

      • Carol says:

        Well, this is terribly disappointing. The script was very helpful, perhaps even more than listening to the recordings! Thank you! I am disappointed in Deepak!!!! Is it,, like everything else these days, all about the money??? What a shame!!! My estimation of him has dropped significantly.

        • Thanks for your note, Carol. I hope that The Chopra Center releases the transcripts to all who need them. He’s very generous with the 21 day meditation challenges and hopefully that extends to all who need them in writing as well as the audios. Fingers crossed.

      • Mayse Vila says:

        I am very sad, you were a great help specially to catch up some of them when I could not do it on time. Thank you for your input. Namaste

  2. paulafcastro says:

    You DID help me and a lot of people. I appreciate that! ❤

  3. Lori Ryder says:

    I am so sorry you had to do this. It was a wonderful service you have provide. I am so happy I got them all as they are very helpful. We have ordered almost all of the series, including this one.

    I so appreciate you and all that you have done. Be well.

    Lori Ryder

    • Thanks for your note, Lori. I’m so sorry too – I enjoyed feeling that I was adding to the experience for others as well as myself. I’ll write them in a different way in the future – I understand that is ok with them – just not their transcripts.

    • marcsmuse says:

      Would love to get your notes, Lori… I had just started when I saw they were gone… I need Day 20 from Shedding The Weight… missed that day… and the notes from Become What You Believe

  4. Meredith says:

    Aw darn. I was so happy to find your page. I can get into the meditation so much better when I read along with it instead of just hearing it. Thank you!

  5. Diane Traversy says:

    Bummer as not everyone can afford them. I followed the audio along with your amazing transcripts and they would help me so much on my journey. Am now very sad! Thank you!

    • I plan to still write daily notes about the meditations as they’re released in the future – just make them more my notes than transcripts, and include the mantras and how I hear them for pronunciation. I understand that will be allowed.

  6. Judith says:

    Yes. I, too, am grateful for what you provided. Thank you so much!

  7. Ellen says:

    It is understandable, but I was so grateful to you for doing it. Sometimes, I would listen and read your notes at the same time because it helped me perceive it better. I could pause it and just re read it instead of trying to take it back and listen again. Anyway- Thank you- EHR a fellow artist

    • Thanks for your note, Ellen, and you’re welcome! I’d love to see your art – do you have a website? You might add it here in case others would enjoy peeking at your work as well. Sharon

      • Ellen says:

        I am retooling just now. I spent 20 years as a decorative artist- murals, art furniture and the like. I am enrolled in an art school (at age 51) and finding my fine art voice. The link below will show you a single image.


  8. Dragana says:

    Thank you for your effort. Would it be acceptable to get notes for meditations we have already bought? It is very helpful to read transcripts and listen to the meditations. : )

    • So sorry but the only way I could do that is if you get approval from You’re welcome to ask them – it might initiate their being included in the package. I plan to still write daily notes about the meditations as they’re released in the future – just make them more my notes than transcripts, and include the mantras and how I hear them for pronunciation. I understand that will be allowed. Namaste

    • I’m so sorry but I can’t send the notes without approval from Deepak Chopra’s staff. Send me a copy of their approval of it and I’d love to send them to you.

  9. Christine says:

    I really appreciate your sharing the transcriots. I was so happy when you found them. Is it possible for you to email the transcriot of Shedding the Weight to me? Thanks so much. Blessings to you.

  10. marthasandersbrandt says:

    Thank you from the heart for so generously sharing your transcripts of the Chopra meditation series. You have greatly enhanced our experience. Blessings to you ~ Namasté!

    • Thanks for reading them Martha. I plan to still write daily notes about the meditations as they’re released in the future – just make them more my notes than transcripts, and include the mantras and how I hear them for pronunciation. I understand that will be allowed.

  11. Donna says:

    The transcripts greatly enhanced the meditation experience. It was helpful to read both Oprah and Deepak’s opening comments, throughout the day. Removing the transcripts diminishes the meditation experience, in my opinion. Why can’t your transcripts be included with purchase of
    21 Day Meditations? I agree with a previous comment. Hiring you for your service, is a wonderful

  12. Dar says:

    I literally found your page and bookmarked it two days ago. I was so excited to have the script to read along as I listened to the meditations.
    I have a few of them . So bummed! I get it’s a business and they are trying to make money but such a bummer. I loved to be able to see the mantras written out so I could remember how to say them. Thanks so much for all your effort.

    • Thanks for your note, Dar. I plan to still write daily notes about the meditations as they’re released in the future – just make them more my notes than transcripts, and include the mantras and how I hear them for pronunciation. I understand that will be allowed.

  13. Dar says:

    Here’s another question. I see they’reoffering some bundled packages right now of the meditations. What are your favorites? If I was to buy an additional two or three other than the latest, which ones do you like the best?
    I have the abundance one and the newest one “shedding the weight”.

    • It’s so difficult to choose the best – they’re all the best to me. I’d go through and read about each one to decide which ones resonate with you. Enjoy which ever ones you choose – you can’t go wrong, in my opinion.

  14. Amanda says:

    Bummer. Thankfully I was able to read what you posted before you had to take it down. It was a lifesaver as I had missed a few of the recordings and couldn’t listen because of the 5 day thing. So I was able to do it with your transcript and notes!!!! YAY! Thank you!!!!

  15. mami says:

    Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for your posts. I, too, have been a reader of this page. Without your notes, my meditation experience would have been different as I am not a native English speaker and you helped me a lot ! Thank you so much again.

  16. sophia says:

    What a pity!! 😦 your transcripts were so useful!! and I know that it takes a lot of time to do and you gave it freely to enrich other people’s experience! and you have been doing it for so many years!! maybe the Chopra Center should think of providing the transcript to those who purchase the audio experience… So sorry for the wonderful job you have done in all these years… hope you kept the pages for yourself !! TREASURE THEM!!

    • Thank you Sophia! I’ve contacted the Chopra Center and suggested they offer the written transcripts in their packages. I was asked to contact them by email, which I’m doing. So many people have contacted me for various transcripts since I took them off my site, for so many very touching reasons. I’ve made Chopra Center aware of the need that I see and hope you all contact them as well – it will reinforce and hopefully get everyone what they need from the original source. I’m unable to provide any part of any transcript to anyone, at the firm request of the Chopra Center and of course I’m honoring that. Thanks for your support and help, Sophia! I really appreciate you.

  17. hi sharon… i just wrote a comment but it’s not on… i did call them, explained why this is necessary for us older/dyslexic people out there… diana was very kind… would love to forward my email to her, to you… let me know… have a wonderful day… hugs2u jeri

    • I’ve sent them an email from two places on their site. I’ve ask them to include close-captioning and/or transcripts with the audibles as well. At least they’ll know there is a valid need – the more they hear from all of us. I’d love to have them available rather than having to transcribe – it is a lot of time and work. But I see the meditations as that important to me!

  18. Kumiko Sudo says:

    copy of email sent


    I have followed your mediations since the day I found them (over two

    yars ago). . They have helped me immensely. I have purchased some of your

    meditations that I felt spoke directly to me.

    I am very disappointed that Doin’ the Grateful Dance is not able to transcribe

    your meditations – the text messages along with the voice messages have

    helped me. Perhaps I am a bit older or more hard of hearing than your

    average follower. I found the text message read along with the voice

    message made a difference when I could not follow the voice.

    It is regretful that your organization does not provide a text message along

    with the voice message. I beleive that Doin’ the Grateful Dance was a

    blessed addition to your services. I regret that you do not provide the

    text message and obviously are against someone who has taken the initiative

    at no cost and no loss to you to do so.


    Kumiko Sudo

  19. Merrily Larkin says:


    I began meditating with Deepak and Oprah in 2014 after my only sibling fell down the stairs and broke his neck. Because the ideas expressed were such a balm to my spirit, I began to transcribe the words into a diary. Then, I discovered that you had already done this on your site. What a blessing!

    The fact that you’ve been asked to remove them by Deepak and Oprah is baffling to me. In reality, I have struggled with the dichotomy between wonder of their work, and the fact that it somehow sadly becomes a mesmerizing “carrot,” pushing devotees to spend money. This development just underpins/reinforces that notion.

    Looking forward to hearing your views on this, Sharon!

    Disconcertingly yours,
    Merrily Larkin

    P.S. BTW, I just finished Day-22 of “Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit.”

    As you know, the “Lila Hum” mantra celebrates the playfulness, freedom and joy in life.

    Listening to Deepak innervate the meaning of the mantra, I realized that the sounds have a special ring to me. Every time I say my name, I say these sounds. “merri LY-LA rkin”

    It is the central source of who I am, the liaison of my life. Laughter is my medicine. WOW!

    • Hi Merrily-LA – I like that and really like your name!

      I can only say that I’m very grateful for the meditations that Deepak and Oprah offer as a gift to all of us. Until they notified me, I didn’t think of what I was doing as an infringement but I see their position too. I’ve found out even more clearly just how much the written transcripts have helped more people than I knew (because of posted notes and emails) and I think that with how generous the Chopra Center is with the meditation experiences, if there is any possible way for them to do it and still run their business and services, that they will include the transcripts or closed caption for listeners/readers. I’m hoping. The more that people who need and want that service let the Chopra Center know of the need, the more likely a good result, I would think. There are some free services offered on there site too, as you probably already know. Keep laughing! xo

  20. C says:

    Your transcripts were a blessing! Sometimes I couldn’t get to the meditation within the 5 day timeframe, so being able to review your transcripts was wonderful. In the future, I guess if I miss the meditation within the 5 days…I just miss it. I’m on a fixed income and cannot afford to purchase the CD’s. Oh well, I guess they (Chopra Center) cannot allow the meditations to be made available for an unlimited time without a monetary gain for them. I’m sooooo disappointed!

  21. km says:

    The new age BS only goes so far – he still wants to be rich. :p

  22. Leticia says:

    Well that’s a bummer. The mantras is the reason I came here, rather than the entire meditations. It’s hard to find mantras and translations without doing hours and hours if research and reading.

  23. I was so excited to come back to your page to review the days I missed!! Thanks for that and hopefully they will listen xx

  24. Theresa Piazza says:

    I am currently redoing Perfect Health and came to your web site to utilize your transscripts since they do not come with the cds . To my surprise I find that they have asked you to take them down. I was so happy when I found your website it enhanced the meditations having them in written form. I want to thank you for taking the time to transcribe and share them. I will contact the Chopra Center to see how they are going to address this issue. By the way, I love your artwork. Thank you again for sharing. Theresa

  25. Terese Olson says:

    Your notes were so helpful. Thank you for sharing them.

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