21 Day Meditation Experiences

Hi All,

Thanks so much for all of your blog comments and personal email messages.  I’m very touched.

I called the Chopra Center yesterday and let them know of the large community of devotees that need, for various reasons, written access in addition to and in some cases rather than audio access.  I was told to email the message to help@chopra.com.  I’ve sent an email to that address myself and passed it on to many others by email and so decided to post it here to save time.

If you wish to let them know of your particular reason for needing written messages, please let them know directly at help@chopra.com.  They clearly are very committed to doing their part to change the world and I have to think they will make every effort to accommodate if at all possible.

Keep me posted and I’ll do the same when I get a response.  Fingers crossed!



20 comments on “21 Day Meditation Experiences

  1. Darcelle says:

    Will do.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Rajiv says:

    Thank you Sharon for trying to get us the written transcript from this really wonderful 21 days meditation program. I await the positive response ..

  3. Carol Gimlin says:

    I am very grateful for your written transcripts of the 21-Day Meditations. Even though I have purchased all the CDs I still find the written notes so valuable in fully comprehending Oprah and Deepak. They are an excellent record. I am very hopeful that you will continue to share them with us,

  4. Marion-Catherine GRALL says:

    💝 Bonjour Sharon, writting from France, I t hank you for all your posts on your wonderful site.

    I can’t find the “shedding the weight” lessons. it’s so helpful to understand better what Deepak and Oprah say.

    The link doesn’t work for me, do you have any solution dear Sharon,

    thank you for everything with love, Namaste


  5. Darcelle says:

    Hello – I contacted the Chopra Center requesting they reverse the decision and they replied stating they could provide the requested transcripts and then included them in an attachment with the message.

    I can email them directly to you if you would like. Just let me know.

    • Diane Ferrari says:

      Darcelle, that is wonderful news!!! I so relied on the written version here on this site. Especially this time around, as my husband & I were going through hospice situations with 2 immediate family members, who passed away during this time. Keeping constant vigil at the hospital, I fell so far behind on the audio available on the site that I was relying on this site. But now they have disappeared!!! I also found the written notes to be extremely helpful in further understanding the messages each day!! How do I get my email address to you without it posting here publicly?

      • Darcelle says:

        Hi Diane – I understand not wanting to make your email address public. If you’re more comfortable, you could contact the Chopra Center directly and I’m sure they would provide the transcripts directly. help@chopra.com
        So sorry for your the loss of your beloved family member. Sending lots of light. Namaste.

        • Diane Ferrari says:

          Thank you so much for your kind concern & response, Darcelle!! I have sent an email to the help@chopra.com address. They did send me the transcripts. However, the daily journal questions were not included. Sharon, thank you so much for having put up both the transcriptions & journal questions. They were so helpful to so many of us!! I have replied to the email I received from the support center to see if they could provide the journal questions as well. I will keep you posted as to their reply.
          Thanks so much, again!!

  6. paulafcastro says:

    Just wrote them!Thank you, Sharon!Fingers crossed!Namaste.Paula(from Brazil)

    De: DoinTheGratefulDance Para: paulafcastro@yahoo.com.br Enviadas: Quinta-feira, 14 de Abril de 2016 19:23 Assunto: [New post] 21 Day Meditation Experiences #yiv5106730087 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5106730087 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5106730087 a.yiv5106730087primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5106730087 a.yiv5106730087primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5106730087 a.yiv5106730087primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5106730087 a.yiv5106730087primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5106730087 WordPress.com | DoinTheGratefulDance posted: “Hi All,Thanks so much for all of your blog comments and personal email messages.  I’m very touched.I called the Chopra Center yesterday and let them know of the large community of devotees that need, for various reasons, written access in addition” | |

  7. Sylvie Bell says:

    I will certainly send a note to them. I am French Canadian and I do not master the English language perfectly. Your notes are amazing and it is so GENEROUS of you to make the time to doing that👰 You have my entire support and thousand thanks to you Namaste Sylvie 🌞💕

    Envoyé de mon iPad


    • Thanks so much for your note, Sylvie. I understand that if you contact help@chopra.com that they will send you the transcript, in case you haven’t seen that posted earlier. The important thing is that all who need and want them, get them. That makes me happy. I’ll still be posting discussion points, mantras and other things a little more generalized that I hope will still help people with pronunciations, etc. Take care and stay in touch. xo

  8. silvana fernandez says:

    Thanks for all your work , it is very useful and appreciated. Many blessing to you and the Chopra group.

  9. Ann says:

    Such a shame that you no longer post the transcript and journal questions. It has helped me so much in the past. Sigh. Darn the center for not allowing you to do so anymore. I relied on your great site for me as I have a few challenges and the written word (including the most important: journal questions) were so important to me. Will you not have them ever again?

    • Thanks for your note, Ann. I’m disappointed as well and am trying a new format for my notes – hopefully acceptable to the Chopra Center – or even better, hope they release the transcripts to all of you who request them. Stay tuned:)

  10. Lisa Helf says:

    I have attended a Chopra event , I have purchased several 21 day.
    Currently have latest on my computer, can’t get it to my ipod.
    Why the gray areas when it comes to ethics.
    It is true and history. …
    I too miss your transcriptions.

  11. Lisa Helf says:

    Some people learn with their ears.
    Some people learn with their eyes.

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