Meditation Experiences

An update for your information… Several readers have let me know that they contacted and were sent transcripts of the Shedding the Weight.   Some of you have said the journal questions were not included so you might need to ask them specifically for those although I think they accessible on the website.

At this point I plan to continue posting discussion points from the meditation experiences in the future as they’re released, including how I hear pronunciations among other things.  I’ll figure it out as I go.

In the meantime, be healthy, happy and make wonderful memories with those you love…


18 comments on “Meditation Experiences

  1. Carol Gimlin says:

    For what purpose will Chopra send a transcript? Will you continue to do so?

    • I’ll be doing notes in a different format for the present meditation series. I’m not sure under what conditions The Chopra Center will send transcripts – some have been successful in getting them and others not. I hope you can.

  2. yashi jetley says:

    Dear Sharon thanks for sharing so much , I was relying on your blog to take me thru my dark passage after my 31 year old son met with a near fatal accident and was in hospital for a very long time, the transcripts of Deepak and Oprah’s Classes were my haven of refuge to which I turned whenever I found some free time while taking care of him. My own health took a very bad turn after that and all the strength i needed to keep my self going was from your transcripts which I thought I would copy later for further help but am really in the doldrums after you had to take them down as requested by Deepak. I read how you went through all this difficult time and share the pain and the loss of your son. I take heart from your enormous courage with your experience to be able to keep yourself going and doing so much good. my struggle continues and would be very deeply grateful if you can share the transcripts as I need them to survive this ordeal. I have written to help @ and am still waiting to hear from them Anything you could give will help me stay afloat in Saudi Arabia without family ,where things on the Internet are so difficult to obtain.i am really glad I found you on the net as a Godsend in my time of dire need Thanks and namastey Yashi

    Sent from my iPhone

    • I’m so sorry that you’re in such a difficult time. I just read this and hope things are better for you and your son. It’s the most painful thing and I understand how I would feel if I were in your situation. I’m praying for you, Yashi. I wish I could send the transcripts but am bound by my word to The Chopra Center not to. Have you requested them from them directly? I’m keeping notes on the present series which I’m expecting to be as useful as all of the other series and especially hope they’ll be comforting to you. Let me know how you’re doing? I care. Sharon

  3. Vera says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for all your work. It was very helpfull for me to read the text, since I am Dutch and my English is not that great. I did not understand everything Mr Chopra said. Written text is easier to translate.
    Unfortunately I missed day 19 20 and 21 from Shedding the Weight in text. Is it possible for you to email me those last 3 days? I hope I don’t sound rude or make it difficult for you.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Thanks for your note, Vera and not rude at all! I am in trouble with the Chopra Center if I send them to anyone – I’m so sorry. I’d love to do it. Have you requested them from The Chopra Center by any chance? Some people have been successful in getting them and others not but it might be worth a try? Namaste, Sharon

  4. Liz Davidson says:

    Hi there Sharon, I’m very disappointed that you have been asked to remove the transcripts and I do hope that the Chopra centre do reconsider. I support you that you have provided a wonderful service for those with hearing issues, etc. I have found your notes to be of enormous value with my studies in mind body medicine and have so enjoyed the opportunity of seeing your beautiful artwork. Good luck with pursuing a more positive result.
    Much love
    Liz Davidson

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Liz! I’m hoping that The Chopra Center provides the transcripts to all who request and that my new way of doing notes is useful to you as well. Love back to you! Sharon

  5. Felipe says:

    También estoy muy triste con las transcripciones entendía muy bien las meditaciones en ingles. Ahora lo único que me consuela es Deva Premal & Miten . Todos sus audios están en youtube para todos aquellos que quieran consolarse.

  6. Lisa Helf says:

    Chopra is live every day on Facebook.
    I asked to to release your written versions,
    Because, some people learn with their ears, and some people learn with their eyes.

    I enjoyed going to the written format., when I got stuck on a day. And need to see how to say the mantra.

    Chopra replied:
    “Will look into it.”

    • Awesome, Lisa! Thanks for the support. I hope they allow them – or provide them to you all through their channels. I knew a lot of people relied on them but didn’t realize how many until I had to remove them. There definitely is a need… Take care, Sharon

  7. Donna says:

    II too have so very much appreciated your transcriptions and am very disappointed that they had you remove them. As I read them, I often said I was doing the grateful dance for your time and kindness to write and post them.
    Bright blessings to you.

  8. Ms. Didi* says:

    Thank you, Sharon, for sharing so graciously. It is a shame that the corporate mentality of Wellness as Bu$ine$$ prevails. I am so very grateful to you for how much your transcripts have assisted me when I was traveling to places where there was no internet service and extremely limited cell reception.

    I encourage you to consider offering your transcripts to a private group of subscribers (and, perhaps, subscribers can make a donation to your favorite charity in appreciation for your gifts of your time and talents). This is a legal way that the corporate-mentality cannot feel threatened that you are preventing their profits.

    Please let me know if I may assist you. Again, I am forever grateful to you for sharing!

    • Hi Didi, Thanks so much for your kind words and support. I didn’t do the transcripts for any compensation – just for myself and it snowballed into a service to a lot of you and I enjoyed it alot, hearing from all of you who needed and used them, your stories. I believe another way will open up for that need, hopefully they can be ordered from The Chopra Center. In the meantime, I hope my notes and summary help you and hopefully it will be acceptable to the Chopra Center as well. We’ll see. Stay in touch…xo

  9. Dee says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for your invaluable service. I too am disappointed that you may not be able to post transcripts for the hearing impaired. I have written to to request a daily transcript of Getting Unstuck as each meditation stream is posted online in order to replace the service you were providing. So far, I’ve had no response.
    For those who have had success in obtaining transcripts from the Chopra organization, to whom did you write or call? I’d appreciate any contact info.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Dee, I hope my notes help you. I’m not transcribing the full series as I did before but summarizing each. Hopefully it will be acceptable to the Chopra Center. I know a lot of you depended on them and I hope that they provide the actual transcripts to all you who need them. xoxo

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