First Visit to OHSU 11/3/15

Rich has been here a week now.  Things have fallen into place.  Divine guidance!

We got his insurance changed to Oregon from Nevada with about two hours to spare.  I was so grateful to reach our insurance agent on a Saturday afternoon late, and she was kind enough to come to our home – from southwest Portland to Northwest Vancouver, during one of the rainiest evenings I’ve witness in the Pacific Northwest.  Streets and freeways were flooded.  It was a mess.  Grateful! Grateful! Grateful!

We learned by accident about 1/2 hour before I reached her, that if it wasn’t faxed to the company by the last day of the month, it wouldn’t start until the first the next month.  His visits at OHSU would not have been covered and these were urgents visits because of the aggressive tumor.  Grateful! Grateful! Grateful!

My naturopath referred us to another ND who specializes in Oncology.  She was compassionate and managed to make our appointment  in less than a week!!  She also has called and advised us about diet and her protocol by phone prior to our visit.  And she referred us to a nutritionist in Texas whose specialty is treating brain cancer with surprising results.  Grateful again.  We are so blessed!

Today we are emotionally raw and exhausted again after a long trip through the normal traffic mess in Portland to OHSU.  We didn’t really care – just wanted to get some kind of contact started.

We were met by a radiologist who showed us the images.  I can’t even explain the emotions of seeing this lesion on my son’s brain.  I was nauseous.  He was breathless.  We all had our questions answered to the best of their information.  We found that the brain biopsy done in Las Vegas was very inferior and didn’t provide information needed to start treatment.  We learned about in depth examinations and inferior and simple examinations that are useless for a definitive diagnosis and initiating treatment.  So we wait…

OHSU is still waiting the arrival of actual tissue to do their own lab studies.  If it is inadequate in any way, Rich will need to go through another brain biopsy.   Beyond words, the look on his face…

He is so brave.  He had a few moments of anger that turned into gratefulness very quickly.  The doctors clearly are top rate – know their business, listened to us, were open and supportive of our decisions.

We are very hopeful for the very best in treatment, for a good outcome for Rich.

3 comments on “First Visit to OHSU 11/3/15

  1. Jenefer says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you. Reiki blessings and Reiki healing too. All love Jenefer.

  2. danieltampa says:

    Hello, Sharon.

    Some years ago, you were so gracious and understanding when Oprah’s people told you not to share your “transcriptions” of the 21-day meditations. If you are still transcribing, especially the current Oprah’s “Energy” meditations, would you be so kind as to send them privately to me with my assurances that they are for me alone and will NOT BE SHARED with anyone but my wife?

    Peace and blessings, Daniel

    Daniel Francis Tampa, FL 813-815-1518

    DMF Coaching *”Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” *

    On Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 2:06 AM Lessons From Life – A Work in Progress wrote:

    > DoinTheGratefulDance posted: “Rich has been here a week now. Things have > fallen into place. Divine guidance! We got his insurance changed to Oregon > from Nevada with about two hours to spare. I was so grateful to reach our > insurance agent on a Saturday afternoon late, and she was” >

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