Can we get some sage words on experiences?…..

A comment on my post on the Abundance Challenge brought up a good question  – one that I think would be a great topic for comment.  Hope to hear from you.

Questions:  “How do you keep doubt away when your finances are in an upheaval …how can I attract not lack but abundance?” (in that struggle and mind frame – I’m adding)

My Response:  I hear you!  I wish I knew the answers but since I don’t, all I can add, relative to my own experience,

  • Every day, I set time aside to listen to inspiring books or music (usually during my walk), read (usually during my bath or at bedtime)  and repeat in my head and sometimes aloud, my intentions.
  • Having a truly grateful heart for what I do have and trying to focus on that helps to eventually get me thru to my answers – and accept what is right now so that I can move forward.  “They” say that what we focus on grows.  And I believe that.
  • Looking for the lesson in my situation and trying to learn from it helps.  My lessons are usually not  what they look like – outer, but always about the inner me – my thoughts and therefore my behaviors that influence my feelings about my situation.  My situation is whatever it is right now.  My emotions that I attach to my situation cause my turmoil – or not.  Sometimes it requires me to be very still and listen.  And again be grateful.

I’ve written in the past about lessons that I learned from drastic and very traumatic financial loss and adjustments  in my post-successful-career life that required, in retrospect, pretty minor shifts in my thinking (not easy – just minor) that initiated major changes in me and therefore my life.   Meaningful changes – for the better.  Way better.  Everyone’s lessons are different but  it seems to me that some of the same principles seem to apply.   We seem to have to go thru discomfort to get motivated to pay attention to our lesson?  I don’t know….


Change – An Affirmation

My “go to” movie is Hope Floats.  I like a comment at the end  where Birdee (Sandra Bullock) says,  “Beginnings are usually scary, endings are usually sad,  it’s what’s in the middle that counts”.

Affirmation – Today, I will consciously look for endings – and look at endings as beginnings.  The ending of my sleep was the beginning of awake…I will not judge the endings or beginnings.  I will live in the space between.  I will examine my feelings consciously as I become  aware of beginnings and endings.  I will be still…observe…learn…live.

Endings become beginnings.  Most of the time I have thought of endings as painful but in the whole scheme of things, an ending is just another beginning. “When I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change”.

My source is at work within everything.  All things are a part of a cyclical process.  Be still and wait.  Think return.  All things return to the source.  Everything is a cycle.  Change…”This too shall pass”

Change is the only constant in life.  Everything is in a cycle of coming and going.  It is perfect, it is divine.  I can totally rely on it.  Seasons change, babies are born, we age, relationships change …

Beginnings and endings…change

I never have liked endings – so I’m now considering them as beginnings.  I also  have never done stagnant or limbo very well.  So I’ll look forward to – and appreciate change!  Woo Hoo!  This is a wonderful day!