Meditation Experiences

An update for your information… Several readers have let me know that they contacted and were sent transcripts of the Shedding the Weight.   Some of you have said the journal questions were not included so you might need to ask them specifically for those although I think they accessible on the website.

At this point I plan to continue posting discussion points from the meditation experiences in the future as they’re released, including how I hear pronunciations among other things.  I’ll figure it out as I go.

In the meantime, be healthy, happy and make wonderful memories with those you love…


21 Day Meditation Experiences

Hi All,

Thanks so much for all of your blog comments and personal email messages.  I’m very touched.

I called the Chopra Center yesterday and let them know of the large community of devotees that need, for various reasons, written access in addition to and in some cases rather than audio access.  I was told to email the message to  I’ve sent an email to that address myself and passed it on to many others by email and so decided to post it here to save time.

If you wish to let them know of your particular reason for needing written messages, please let them know directly at  They clearly are very committed to doing their part to change the world and I have to think they will make every effort to accommodate if at all possible.

Keep me posted and I’ll do the same when I get a response.  Fingers crossed!