Happy New Year – 2012!

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I want to stand on the highest mountain – well figuratively, of course – and shout “Happy New Year” to all mankind, to the universe!

I’m feeling so grateful and in a state of anticipation and excitement for this new year, 2012.

This morning, I had a mad desire to express my feelings in a poem, and made multiple attempts but it’s just not happening  So I’ve been reading poetry blogs and am in awe of these poets – some amazing gifts out there!  You poetry contributes so much to my world.   Thank you!

I’ve been enjoying blogs that share paintings, photography and graphics this morning.  And choosing not to be intimidated by the talent, but inspired.  Wow!  That’s a whole lot of inspiration…

Music rocks my world.  It makes a difference.  I constantly have music playing.  Sometimes just in my head.  But it plays.  And brings me joy!

The blogs!  The myriad of subjects, writing styles, humor, insight.  The list is long – the gifts endless!  Blogs broaden my world.   My life has been changed in so many ways.  By blogs!

Art – in any form – is good for my soul.   I’m so grateful for life…for expression…for diversity…

I haven’t made resolutions for years but today am renewing my commitments to myself… and am writing them for days when I need a little reminder…

  • I am practicing my art, my gift, every day.  I make no expectation of the result.  I’m practicing.
  • I am present.  I am listening.  I am seeing – really seeing.
  • I am in service.  My open sign is on.  I’m showing up – and I’m there when I’m needed.  In the best way possible.

What will this year hold?  I can’t wait for the adventure…

Lesson 6: Who You Were Meant to Be – Everybody Has a Calling

Lesson 5: Oprah’s Webcast – Who You Were Meant To Be – Everybody Has a Calling
Aired: 10/17/2011
Oprah says that everyone of us has a purpose and stories are shared about how she, Lady Gaga, and others have found their calling and insight on how me might find ours.

Today’s Question: When I connect with the place of stillness at my core, what do I feel I’m  meant to do with my life?
Oprah’s Lifeclass Notes: 
Oprahs Lifeclass Lesson #6: Who You Were Meant to Be – Everybody Has a Calling
Oprah’s Webcast Lesson #6: Who You Were Meant to Be – Everybody Has a Calling
Oprah’s Lifeclass
Oprah’s Lifeclass Notes
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