Lesson 1: The False Power of Ego

Class:  The False Power of Ego

October 10 Webcast with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle

Oprah reveals what she now thinks about one of her most talked-about moments. Plus, she offers advice for knowing when your ego is getting the best of you and ways to help set yourself straight.

Today’s Question:  Where does my ego get in my way?
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Oprah’s Lifeclass Notes:   We can’t begin to be true ourselves unless we know who we are.  No thing, no material possession matters in terms of defining who you are.

When we get separated from our “knowing”, our inner place, we get lost.  We get into our ego.

Ego is defined as any identification with form – identifying with anything that is not the center of ourselves – things, status, position, possessions.   Ego is a dissociation from my true value.   Ego is a false sense of self.   When a child starts to identify with an object, the ego starts.   The moment I can identify my ego, I diminish its power.

When I get in touch with my true self, my awareness, that is me disguised as a person.

A guest said…”I no longer think that its possible for other people to hurt me. They’re just giving me their observation and I’m giving it meaning so I get to choose what that meaning is.”
The ability to know the truth of yourself and to have awareness is how you disconnect from the ego.
If I think I need it, that’s ego. I already have everything I need. The way I know I don’t need it is when I don’t get it.

Am I defined about what other people say? Does it determine how I feel?

When I receive criticism, they could be right.

Does I love you equals I’ll trade you?

Is this a business contract or do I really love you?

I’m happier when I love you – whether or not you love me. It matters not – whether or not you paricipate.

Just the fact that I’m here makes me “worthy”.

Give up resistent to life. Go with it.
When I think I need it from “out there” – that’s addiction.The way I know I don’t need it is when I don’t get it.
Ego is anything that I think I need that I don’t have. I already have everything I need.
Oprah’s Life Class
Oprah’s Lifeclass Lesson 1: The False Power of Ego
Oprah’s Webcast Lesson 1: The False Power of Ego
Oprah’s Lifeclass Notes
Today’s Question

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