Morning Glory

Hi Everyone!

I still occasionally get notes and requests for the Chopra meditation transcriptions, in fact today I got one and although they still will not allow me to do that, I’ve found new doors that are open and generously appreciate all of us sharing their works.

When I read todays note from a subscriber, I suddenly feel excited about writing again, and staying in touch with you all. It will probably be more of a journaling, but if anything is useful to you – Hooray! I welcome conversation, in fact that’s what I’m hoping for, to get other perspectives and dialogue about navigating through our lives. I’ll keep remarks public so that all who wish to participate can. I think it could be very interesting and enlightening.

The subscriber ask about how I’m doing since my son transitioned with glioblastoma in December of 2015. My life changed forever and I’m discovering more about life, physical and nonphysical, and have gradually arrived at a more peaceful and joyful place.

I had early and very supportive help, especially from Father Tom at a nearby Episcopal Church. I had only attended the Church a very few times after discovering it on Christmas Eve in 2014, invited by a good friend and retired Catholic Priest who was also a more recently retired Lutheran minister. Hilary is husband of one of my best friends and although I rarely attended church services in more recent years, somehow was drawn to this particular Episcopal, very friendly church after that Christmas Eve Candle Light Service.

My father was a minister with the First Church of God and I grew up with quite restrictive religoius guidelines, both because of beliefs and maybe a little more intense being a preacher’s kid. I had a lot of fear of God and not feeling the love and acceptance that was the other side of that – my conclusions of what I was hearing and seeing as a child.

Skipping to my journey since Rich transitioned, I discovered Abraham – Esther Hicks on YouTube. The love and acceptance of myself and others intrigue me as I listen. For many years, I had heard about meditation, mainly through Oprah and one of my sisters, and the benefits, but I could never reach what I heard others talk about – quieting my mind and disconnecting from my physical self. I’ve always had a strong inner guidance and “knowing” gut that I’ve relied on and since listening to Abraham, am learning to trust and rely even more confidently on my Inner Guidance, my Source guidance.

I’m still learning and practicing the meditation but am gradually finding it more centering and aligning, resulting in experiencing a sense of well-being more often. I’m thrilled with that! Sometimes it’s just a matter of lying still and connecting deeply with the many wonderful things that I appreciate and love in my life – my two remaining children, my grandchildren, great grandchildren, sisters and other family at the top of the list. And then there is my art, my good health and mobility, a living situation that is peaceful and beautiful, interesting and loyal friends, music, good reads….I have a long long list.

I want to offer a free link to “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the free full audiobook available on YouTube. Esther and Jerry are generous and offer thousands of topics free on YouTube about any subject I can think of. We are all free to share these as we wish.

Another free meditation series on YouTube that I often enjoy is by Rising Higher. This is one of my favorites, Gratitude Affirmations but there are several that I rotate.