Hello and Welcome Dear Great-Granddaughter. I’d like to introduce myself…


Now – The oh so regal, Little Princess Diaper Head!

Then - That wonderful day!  The day Sydney Sue was born - surrounded with love

Then – That wonderful day! The day Sydney Sue was born – surrounded with love

Little Sydney Sue! You’re such a gift, a miracle.  How did we ever do without you in our family!  How blessed are we!  Welcome!

It takes me back to the birth of your Mommy, my granddaughter.  Her little whiskey voice has always given me joy.  Her humor has brightened my days.  Her creative flair has been evident in her dress, hair and personality.   I have prayed that God would bring just the right man into her life,  just the right mate.  Well, God knows what he’s doing, no question about that!  Enter Nick, your Daddy…

Grandpa Mike and Sydney Sue

Grandpa Mike and Sydney Sue

You, Little Princess, have been anticipated with deep love from a very large family.  You are the first grandchild of my oldest son, your Grandpa Mike.  And he has loved you from the moment you were conceived.   While waiting for you to arrive, I’ve loved my visits to your bedroom, the colors carefully chosen and lovingly designed and carried out by your  Mommy and Daddy.  Your first-time-Grandma, and others added  a helping hand and their touch here and there – painting and loving, touching and anticipating.  Preparing for you.

Your Daddy made an original and perfect name signature for your bedroom door.   Mamma washed everything that would touch you – clothes, bedding, furniture.  And stocked up on antibacterial soap for we visitors.  Grandpa got a changing table for you.  Grandma got a rocking chair.  Great-grandma helped with your crib.  Your beautiful pink and brown room was ready long before you arrived.  Your Godparents were chosen – Auntie Sara and Uncle Eric.  Who better!  You are so loved – already!

Sydney and God Mommy Auntie Sara

Sydney and God Mommy Auntie Sara

Auntie Sara and Ellie hosted a gift shower and your Mommy and Daddy were ready for Sydney Sue to make her appearance….the countdown began.

And finally you arrived!   Your Daddy called and we came to see you at the hospital for the first time.  I cried.  I touched your little hands and little feet.  I ask God to bless and protect you.   And then I got to hold you in my arms!  I got to bless you again.  I am so fulfilled.   I am here for you whenever you need me.  I will sing to you.  I will talk to you.  I will listen to you.  I will be praying for you as long as I’m alive – and longer.

I’m GG, your Great-Grandmother.  And I love you beyond words!

GG and Sydney

GG and Sydney

I’m so grateful and very blessed!

My First Great-Grandchild – It’s a Girl!

Our Beloved Baby Brooklyn!

Our Beloved Baby Brooklyn! What a wonderful day this is. Such a little miracle. Such a special gift to our family!

Are you a great-grandmother?  Or a grandmother or grandfather?  Then you’ll probably know what I’m trying to say.  It’s amazing, always, to see the miracle of new life.  The fun of new puppies, kittens, baby chicks…   But our progeny?  OMG!

The births of my three children were amazing and I was in awe, I was in love.  I was also overwhelmed, felt inadequate, was pretty clueless about mothering but did my best.  My children, now grown, are still amazing.   I’ve learned about life from my daughter and two sons.  I’ve tried to guide them (and now try to quit guiding…)  but it is they who have taught me.  I am in awe of how they’ve parented, managed their life circumstances and challenges, and I’m grateful.   I’m still in love with them and ever so amazed that God entrusted me with these three great souls.   I’m blessed.

Hi There Brooklyn!

GG and BB! I’m so blessed!

When they had babies – Oh My Goodness!  My four grandsons and three granddaughters are some of my greatest delights.  They are so much fun.  We’ve had so much fun.  And love.   Talk about memories – and did I say love…

And now there’s Brooklyn! My first great-grandchild was born two months ago.  She’s beautiful.  She’s alert, aware,

Aren't they beautiful!  They're Baby Brooklyns!

Aren’t they beautiful! They’re Baby Brooklyns!

exceptionally well coordinated and I’m sure she’s going to be a great athlete – it’s obvious already (smile).

It’s difficult to comprehend how quickly her mommy has grown from

Brooklyn and Mommy

Brooklyn and Mommy

a child to an attentive, deeply caring and beautiful mother.  It moves me to see her with a daughter – my precious great-granddaughter – and knowing a bit about the joy and pain that .lies ahead.

It was deeply touching to witness the obvious, lump-in-the-throat emotion when my son and daughter-in-law cradled their first grandchild while looking at each other.  I was so grateful that they opened their family and home totally to me on my first visit to meet Brooklyn and we bonded even more.  We shared knowing glances and understood the unspeakable joy of being “grands”.  No words were needed.

Can you even believe that beautiful little face.  You melt my heart, Brooklyn!

Can you even believe that beautiful little face. You melt my heart, Brooklyn!

I imagine our four generation picture is in your baby book now, Brooklyn. One day you’ll probably experience a similar day and then understand – the doting family who hovered and held you, looked at you in awe, touched you, cooed and sang, kissed and cuddled you – and prayed  and blessed you.  Our gift.  You’ve joined our family, Little Brooklyn,  and talk about being loved….

3/27/13 And now Precious Brooklyn!  You are growing and  such a joy!  Your intelligence and sense of humor are clear already.  You talk and talk.  You love, you explore, you grow.  You are still a little miracle, such a gift to our family and

I love kissing your little eyes, your little nose, your little soft neck!

I love kissing your little eyes, your little nose, your little soft neck!

the world.  You do now – and always will have a part of my heart that no  one else can every have – it’s just yours.  I love you beyond words!  You are so important and adored.