Kiva – A Wonderful Opportunity!

Sometime ago I saw an episode about the Kiva Program on Oprah and was determined to join in.  I then promptly forgot!

I recently read a blog – check it out –our little candle.  It jogged my memory – and my excitement to become involved.   This time I did it – before it disappeared into the myriad of “to dos” on my list.

I so believe in this effort.  100% of loan amount goes to recipient.  It’s amazing to be able to help others, even if  in the smallest way.   It makes a huge difference to someone.  It’s truly an opportunity to make a big difference with so little!

I just love opportunities that expand – at many levels – and for everyone involved.

Here’s the link – I hope you check it out.   The stories are touching.

I’m so so grateful.

The Whisper

It says… go to your easel, pick up your brush and start painting!!!

It says I’ll deeply regret it if I miss this opportunity.
It says, “This is part of your purpose” – Just DOOIT!

And I will – sincerely – in the morning.