Art – “Morning Light” with Story by Sarel Venter

"Morning Light"

“Morning Light”

I’m so grateful to Sarel Venter for writing “Morning Light”, inspired by this painting. The story and the painting are Copyright with all rights reserved.  Sarel has agreed to give a printed copy of his story, “Morning Light” with the purchase of my painting.   He is a master story teller and has two books in publication, now available.  If you’re on Facebook, check there for availability and you can “Like” him at “Stories By Sarel”   My Facebook page is  Sharon Abbott Art.  Hope you visit and leave a note for us when you do!  Thanks and enjoy…




This is Sarel Venter’s story written for “Morning Light”…

“Morning Light
In the absence of illumination, danger lurks where the sea meets the land. In the dark, only reluctant sound alerts to the menace of fluid giving way to solid.

At night, without alerting to the specifics of the threat,  the sounds of conflict reach the traveler’s senses on these waters as It washes over the fluid conflagration. For the most part, vessels floating upon the oceans’ surface are safe on the wild waters of the deep. It is only when they happen upon the volatile meeting of mediums that these brittle craft encounter the sharp teeth of hungry reefs.

It is well for the mariner to avoid the junction of sea and land when all senses are not in play. It is prudent to heed the warning of roaring surf, the crash of the waves on rock. For it has always been true that danger is best faced with a clear mind and full senses.

On the ocean, as in life, change is the order of the day. The present, always fleeting, is constantly in transition, from one state to the other, and the traveler on its crest must adjust or falter in the process.

May we all heed the warning of tried and true sailors, that we stay safe afloat, far from a lee shore when the senses are dulled, and the eyes cannot see.

In the morning light, change can be appreciated and adjusted to. Rocks that cause ruckus in the dark can be avoided, even as they show the approach to the harbor. When the sun illuminates the scene, and clearly shows the delineation of the new reality, then the sailor can safely navigate and steer his craft to his destination.

It has always been true that a ship is safest in the harbor, but was not made for this purpose. The soul that is granted life is also devoid of danger in the eddy of a pool, but cannot realize the full potential of its purpose in this stagnant turpor.

Out they must venture into the chance of fortune, to test their individual sails on the wind, to set their keels to the waves; there they must deal with change dancing across the waters.

May we all sail the seven seas and explore the boundless possibilities of our emotions, and may we find our way back safely, when the fragile float meets the unforgiving hard of reality, in the morning light.

Let there be love.


Sarel Venter

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Morning Light


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“Interlude” A Story By Sarel



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This is Sarel Venter’s story written for “Interlude”,

“When I look at her yearning, after long separation, it is the blue that catches my eye.

As I stare into the depths with my longing exposed, I remember more. For there in the living liquid, colors are found that change with the season and with every reason. It fascinates me so.

On a clear calm day, the depths come to life, showing through the obvious to surprise me with her mystery. When storms rise and passion comes to play, the energy bounces off the surface, reflecting the lightning in the air.

When she is seen in love, the living colors change and grow, inviting me within. When excitement mounts, the spark climbs to the surface, flinging its abundance into space. As listlessness languidly descends, the vibrancy also leaves for the season, leaving me with memory of what was, in anticipation of what will be.

Surrounded by a red cloak in evening, blue turns to green. Before vision escapes me for the night, the colors haunt me again, drawing me nearer still. It is when the heavens amaze with it’s nightly splendor that the surfaces reflect timeless life itself; even the moon looks more appealing, once reflected from her touch.

There are moments when the timeless wisdom of her depths amazes me, just as there are moments when cruel judgment sets a cold gray glint of steel to her gaze. For the changing nature of her being contains both, and so much more.

I will never cease to wonder at the turmoil responsible for the brown remembrance fading below the surface, and will always wonder at what memories swim below. I could never tire of looking at her, and will always want to see my image reflected there.

Many moments are spent given to contemplation, wondering at the root of the attraction, for it cannot be denied. I must be here, staring with longing, for closeness I cannot achieve. I am left to wonder how many men have found themselves here, attracted by the siren song of perfect nights, when limped pools invite the mortal for a swim, forgetting for the moment that we can only be visitors here.

Even knowledge of man’s temporary nature cannot appease the permanent lust for perfect communion.

Thus I am left staring into the eyes of my beloved, drinking in the beauty when offered, turning away from the wrath when it ascends , and longing always to understand. My lover’s eyes beguile me still, as they have since first glance.

Let there be love.”

Sarel Venter’s Story written for “Interlude”  Copyrighted by Sarel  Venter.  He has agreed to a printed copy of the story accompanying the purchase of “Interlude”.   A book of his short stories is being published, soon available.  If you’re on Facebook, please “Like” him at “Stories By Sarel”  “Like” my Facebook page at  Sharon Abbott Art.

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Sharon Abbott – Interlude Sharon Abbott-Furze- Oil – Painting entry – May 2014 | BoldBrush Painting Competition
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