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I still occasionally get notes and requests for the Chopra meditation transcriptions, in fact today I got one and although they still will not allow me to do that, I’ve found new doors that are open and generously appreciate all of us sharing their works.

When I read todays note from a subscriber, I suddenly feel excited about writing again, and staying in touch with you all. It will probably be more of a journaling, but if anything is useful to you – Hooray! I welcome conversation, in fact that’s what I’m hoping for, to get other perspectives and dialogue about navigating through our lives. I’ll keep remarks public so that all who wish to participate can. I think it could be very interesting and enlightening.

The subscriber ask about how I’m doing since my son transitioned with glioblastoma in December of 2015. My life changed forever and I’m discovering more about life, physical and nonphysical, and have gradually arrived at a more peaceful and joyful place.

I had early and very supportive help, especially from Father Tom at a nearby Episcopal Church. I had only attended the Church a very few times after discovering it on Christmas Eve in 2014, invited by a good friend and retired Catholic Priest who was also a more recently retired Lutheran minister. Hilary is husband of one of my best friends and although I rarely attended church services in more recent years, somehow was drawn to this particular Episcopal, very friendly church after that Christmas Eve Candle Light Service.

My father was a minister with the First Church of God and I grew up with quite restrictive religoius guidelines, both because of beliefs and maybe a little more intense being a preacher’s kid. I had a lot of fear of God and not feeling the love and acceptance that was the other side of that – my conclusions of what I was hearing and seeing as a child.

Skipping to my journey since Rich transitioned, I discovered Abraham – Esther Hicks on YouTube. The love and acceptance of myself and others intrigue me as I listen. For many years, I had heard about meditation, mainly through Oprah and one of my sisters, and the benefits, but I could never reach what I heard others talk about – quieting my mind and disconnecting from my physical self. I’ve always had a strong inner guidance and “knowing” gut that I’ve relied on and since listening to Abraham, am learning to trust and rely even more confidently on my Inner Guidance, my Source guidance.

I’m still learning and practicing the meditation but am gradually finding it more centering and aligning, resulting in experiencing a sense of well-being more often. I’m thrilled with that! Sometimes it’s just a matter of lying still and connecting deeply with the many wonderful things that I appreciate and love in my life – my two remaining children, my grandchildren, great grandchildren, sisters and other family at the top of the list. And then there is my art, my good health and mobility, a living situation that is peaceful and beautiful, interesting and loyal friends, music, good reads….I have a long long list.

I want to offer a free link to “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the free full audiobook available on YouTube. Esther and Jerry are generous and offer thousands of topics free on YouTube about any subject I can think of. We are all free to share these as we wish.

Another free meditation series on YouTube that I often enjoy is by Rising Higher. This is one of my favorites, Gratitude Affirmations but there are several that I rotate.


Art – “Morning Light” with Story by Sarel Venter

"Morning Light" www.sfago.com

“Morning Light”

I’m so grateful to Sarel Venter for writing “Morning Light”, inspired by this painting. The story and the painting are Copyright with all rights reserved.  Sarel has agreed to give a printed copy of his story, “Morning Light” with the purchase of my painting.   He is a master story teller and has two books in publication, now available.  If you’re on Facebook, check there for availability and you can “Like” him at “Stories By Sarel”   My Facebook page is  Sharon Abbott Art.  Hope you visit and leave a note for us when you do!  Thanks and enjoy…




This is Sarel Venter’s story written for “Morning Light”…

“Morning Light
In the absence of illumination, danger lurks where the sea meets the land. In the dark, only reluctant sound alerts to the menace of fluid giving way to solid.

At night, without alerting to the specifics of the threat,  the sounds of conflict reach the traveler’s senses on these waters as It washes over the fluid conflagration. For the most part, vessels floating upon the oceans’ surface are safe on the wild waters of the deep. It is only when they happen upon the volatile meeting of mediums that these brittle craft encounter the sharp teeth of hungry reefs.

It is well for the mariner to avoid the junction of sea and land when all senses are not in play. It is prudent to heed the warning of roaring surf, the crash of the waves on rock. For it has always been true that danger is best faced with a clear mind and full senses.

On the ocean, as in life, change is the order of the day. The present, always fleeting, is constantly in transition, from one state to the other, and the traveler on its crest must adjust or falter in the process.

May we all heed the warning of tried and true sailors, that we stay safe afloat, far from a lee shore when the senses are dulled, and the eyes cannot see.

In the morning light, change can be appreciated and adjusted to. Rocks that cause ruckus in the dark can be avoided, even as they show the approach to the harbor. When the sun illuminates the scene, and clearly shows the delineation of the new reality, then the sailor can safely navigate and steer his craft to his destination.

It has always been true that a ship is safest in the harbor, but was not made for this purpose. The soul that is granted life is also devoid of danger in the eddy of a pool, but cannot realize the full potential of its purpose in this stagnant turpor.

Out they must venture into the chance of fortune, to test their individual sails on the wind, to set their keels to the waves; there they must deal with change dancing across the waters.

May we all sail the seven seas and explore the boundless possibilities of our emotions, and may we find our way back safely, when the fragile float meets the unforgiving hard of reality, in the morning light.

Let there be love.


Sarel Venter

Stories By Sarel




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Morning Light


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Fear, Resistance, Distractions, Oh NO!

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Sharon Abbott-Furze

I know about resistance…exercise for starters.  For health reasons, me, who avoided walking like the plague, was told it was the best exercise for my medical situation so I plunged into it.  I like purposeful exercise – a game of racquetball, golf, rowing a boat… but walking was what worked so…since I am also determined, I put my earphones on, clicked on one of my  audiobooks and started walking.  My life and health were at stake.  In no time at all, I overcame resistance and now, a couple of years later, I really  look forward to a long walk – an hour or so – and miss it when I don’t manage my time. I never would have believed it.  Resistance was powerful for the first couple of weeks tho.

Apply this discipline to my art – to finishing a painting.  I have seven that are in various stages of “getting there”, most about an hour from completion and have been waiting patiently for almost 2 years.   They need final little touches, one or two minor things that bother me.  I set them aside and go on to a new one.  It’s a definite pattern of mine – and a big old struggle.

I needed to travel earlier this week and was on the road for about 6 hours each way.  I really enjoy the time to myself, and part of that enjoyment is listening to my favorite audiobooks.  On this trip, I decided on “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. I haven’t listened to it in several months – and I need it right now.  I’d recommend it to anyone – you don’t need to be an artist.  Resistance rears it’s ugly head in many parts of my life and in many forms.  Maybe yours too?

As I listened to it – on the way “there” and again on the way home, I heard things I hadn’t heard when I had listened to it a few months earlier.  About fear.  About not knowing what to do so not doing anything at all.  About all of the distractions caused by “resistance”.  The message hit home.   I’ve spent days, months and years avoiding my art on the premise that I didn’t know where to start, what to do next, or just plain felt blocked.   Distractions?  Yes, I have experience in that department as well!  I can spend hours reading blogs about art, being “inspired” by other artists on Facebook, and yes, even writing my blog, among many other things.  I’ve told myself many times that I didn’t have a long enough block of time to bother getting started… that I had cleaning to do…someone would call and invite me to go shopping, get a pedicure…blah blah blah…you know the story.

I am a professional artist.  I love painting.  It’s good for my soul.  It’s my prayer, my relaxation, my expression of love.  It’s what I need to do. I would definitely do it no matter what.  If I were the last person on earth…yes…I’d still be painting.  I can’t help myself.  If I don’t paint on my canvas, I’m painting in my mind.  I get in bed and can’t quit painting so many times have gotten back up to paint for just a half hour more.  Right.  Dawn arrives and I had no idea where the time went.

Progress.  Something clicked as I was listening to “War of Art”.  Somewhere inside, I “got it”.  I stepped to a new level of pushing through.   No matter how I “feel”, I say a prayer – 0ut loud, as Steven Pressfield does – step up to my easel, pick up my brush and it happens. I’m painting.   It really is that simple.  Not easy, but simple.  Woo Hoo.  So far so good!  I’ll try to remember this action and if I forget, I hope I remember to read this blog…

Thank you, Steven Pressfield for overcoming your resistance to finishing your book!

I’m doin the grateful dance….

My Paintings and Stories By Sarel

One of my favorite storytellers, Sarel Venter, a friend I met on Facebook, writes many wonderful stories, some inspired by my paintings!!  I’m so honored and thrilled!  I’ll post them on my website as he sends them.  Enjoy…

Sarel’s short stories are being published and will be available soon.  If you’re on Facebook, please “Like” him at “Stories By Sarel”  “Like” my Facebook page at  Sharon Abbott Art

Sarel  has given me permission to include a a printed copy of his story to the purchasers of these paintings.   My paintings and Sarel”s stories are copyrighted, all rights reserved.  


"Interlude" www.sfago.com









Sarel’s story inspired by “Interlude”


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Sharon Abbott – Interlude Sharon Abbott-Furze- Oil – Painting entry – May 2014 | BoldBrush…
Sharon Abbott – Interlude Sharon Abbott-Furze- Oil – Painting entry – May 2014 | BoldBrush Painting Competition
Sharon Abbott-Furze